Monday, February 27, 2012

New World

I missed you. How have you been?
It is amazing, this concept of time. A second can seem like an eternity and likewise, an eternity can last like a second. In less than a quarter of a year, the “life” that I know so well ended and I am trying to live in this new world. Change? Easier said than done.
Answering “Ok, I am fine” to the simple question of “How are you?” that used to require the most minimal amount of effort now requires so much emotional work.  An “Are you Ok?” can cause a whole waterfall of tears to fall rather than replying with a customary nod or smile. Of course, all this will pass and I will eventually get back to the routine of performing simple customaries (or not). Before that though, I am going to be stuck firmly in the seat of an emotional roller-coaster that spins indefinitely and I cannot do anything about it.
An optimist I am not. I see half-empty cups and I know the world is far from being a happy place. However, as much as I am skeptical about pretty much everything, I do believe in happiness, no matter how short-term and temporal it is. Therefore, in order to get some of these moments of short-lived happiness, I am willing to sink in my whole entire stock of hope.
Will you wish me luck?