Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am supporting the freedom to love!

Will you?
Come join us:)

Pinkdot, Pinkdot.

I will be making cupcakes to give away!
As in its not part of the event or anything,
I just want to make some to give away to random people at the event!

See you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vera Wang Fall 2009

It is the time of the year again.
When i dream of wearing the Vera Wang.
Collection 2009 is out.
From before, this collection (Vera Wang Spring 09).
I realized i cannot seem to link this post to the source of where i ogled at the Vera Wang Fall 2009 Collection because it is a locked post so all you guys should just create a livejournal account and join runwaym to see it!haha! after you join, click here!:)
Its a real cool community where you can ogle at runway models and collections! (OBVS)

I like these from the post there:
(click to see them larger)

Dream a little dream of me.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Exam blues

Tomorrow's my first paper.
Wait a minute for reality sinking in.

Now wait another minute while I go scream.
Bah. Exams.

P.S Sorry WJ for not making it to your party! I know I would be missing a most fabulous time! :(

Bah. Exams.
Good luck everyone. See you all after those blasted things!

Something to be cheery about:
#6 Someone who hides my presents and make me solve riddles to find them.
This is Tramie's contribution which share my sentiment:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Party

I changed my mind.
I think I am going to have a birthday party after all.
I could not get to sleep last night because my head was full of ideas on where to hold it, what to wear and ...
most importantly, I thought up a whole list of food to make for the party.

We will see.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I know i posted twice today.
Just one more!
I really really like this quote:

Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable with seeing two men holding guns than holding hands- Ernest Gaines
( I am not sure if its by this person, the font was in cursive and its hard to see)

I found that quote here: Jerica's Starbucks Planner
#5 Someone who makes me want time to stop there and then every time we hug.


ughhhhh. I HATE EXAMS.

I seriously want to bake something.

Monday, April 20, 2009

#4: Someone who will suggest and buy me anything i want to eat because i am hungry.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

#3 Someone who will buy me cocoa nibs that i like from The Chocolat Factory when passing by the shop.
#2 Someone who will "baby-talk" with me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things I want in a Lover

I want to do my own list.
Inspiration from here:
1001 things i want in a lover
Thanks Alvin for introducing this to me.

#1 Someone to wake up next to and feed me pancakes and scrambled eggs in bed.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Breakfast Skies

The Bf's 21st

*Please be warned that this post is picture-heavy!:P

First, food porn !
The bf did not want a big birthday cake and he mentioned in passing that he really likes having many many cakes/baked things at one time.
And SO..
I made 8 different things!
It was pretty crazy and all especially with project deadlines and presentations but its ok, being a panda is like my second nature anyway.
I just need a real good concealer! (hopefully the new Clinique one I bought today is good)
Oh yes. being the idiot that i am, i forgot to bring the jello-cheesecake :(
Before I delivered all these baked goodies to him, I did a "Love Actually" scene at 12am! (which only Jamie knows what it is about!)
Ok. on to the food.

1. Meringues
(These are my sister's favourite!)

2. Strawberry-Nutella Wantons

After I took those photos, I had to rush off to his house so bear with the not so pretty food porn!

3+4. Honey Financiers + Lemon Spritz Cookie with Lemon Buttercream
In the first picture, you can see the lemon spritz cookies in the plastic box. (Forgot to take pictures of them) The honey financiers doubled up as the birthday cake too.

5. Truffles
His favourite, it was also the first ever 'treat' he ate that I made before we even got together. I secretly think he got together with me because of them. HA. Oh yeah. you can see the meringues in the background.

6. Puffs stuffed with Lemon buttercream from the Lemon Spritz cookies (Too much buttercream left from making the cookies)

7. Almond Chocolate Toffee Crunchies
I made extra for his "surprise" K party and I think general comments were that its too sweet. It IS chocolate and Toffee! HA. (That is his hand btw!)

The "You have to try one each!"

"Cutting cake" ceremony!

Isn't he the cutest!
*Please do not gag:P

Some "us"cam-whoring
(Obvs I made him do it)

Cue to skip because its meme-photos after this.

Wore that outfit with my trusty heels:)

The absent-minded me left the camera at his house when we were preparing to go out and so no more photos of the rest of the day!:(
What an idiot right?

Anyway, we went to the cookie muesum at the Esplanade to have tea and I manage to stop myself from buying 8 tins of cookies like how i did the other time when they were still called the V Tea Room.
Dinner at Au Petit Salut.
Ambience was good but food was disappointing! :(
We had the 5-course meal with perrier and campari. ($250)
The good: Foie gras (AMAZING)
Passionfruit souffle
The Mediocre: Lobster Bisque
The Bad: Beef (5-course)

Then it was off to his K-party!
Pictures of that would probably be on facebook or Aaron's blog!

Ok. That's kind of it for the bf's 21st.
No big party(his request) but it was a pretty amazing 21st:)


All my projects, papers, presentations, lectures are officially over!
However, exams are in like 1 wk or sth.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just be patient, wait, you will get it in the end.
I seriously do not mind waiting ten, twenty years for something.
I will even learn to be patient and not get too frustrated during the insanely long wait.
However, I think, perhaps what I need to learn is not patience,

but to learn how not to be too disappointed when the wait is futile.

Happy Birthday to my dearest Weini

Went to Weini's really early celebration for her birthday last Saturday.
Theme was Hawaiian and I wore this 'leaf dress' that i thought was quite appropriate.
Anyway, the pictures are on her blog (and jamie's)!
The cake was sooooo good! and me being an idiot totally forgot to ask her where she got it from.
(So what else is new.)
Oh! The party was kind of fun!
I did a split, jumped on chairs, laid on the floor, had 'gummy throwing' competition with WJ, took a considerable amount of pictures, ate too much, shrieked like crazy and was just being my usual self. (Of course, all my friends know that i get high on air!)
Besides partaking in the present sharing with the usual suspects (+wj), I did of course make Weini a birthday card:
Happy birthday my dearest:)! (in advance)

Notes to self:
1. Buy polka-dotted paper instead of labouriously sticking circle stickers onto red paper.
2.Notice the giant spliting of the card at the spine and make time to fix it up properly instead of sticking red dot stickers in a feeble attempt to cover the tear. (Will be using red tape to stick it up for WN the next time i meet her)
3. Do not give people substandard card especially one of your closest friend and feel guilty about it for the rest of your life.

P.S No GAT again:( Sigh. I have been procrastinating way too much and now they are back to haunt me so no time for baking! Triple sigh. I do not even have time to meet the bf! Million sighs.

P.S.S I realized that I have switched from updating my blog about GAT to updating about Birthdays and Birthday cards. Tsk.

Holidays come quick. Oh please.

Edit: Thank you Weini hon for taking lovely pics of my card:)