Sunday, November 9, 2008

Click on the picture.

The boyfriend is at a wedding dinner.
I acutally do like going to a wedding dinner.
I know.
1.The food is not great and you are probably stuffed by the 3rd course.
2.The dessert always suck.
3.You have to be in frills and shirts.
4.Its wayyyyy too long.
5.You probably do not even know the married couple.
but its just nice to have an occasion to dress up for.

bimbotic i know.

As much as i like going to one.
I do not (if i ever get married) want to have one.
and the list of why i do not would be too long to fit in my short post.
It seems too far to think about them.
but time flies.

and I want my Vera Wang.


Anonymous said...

the gowns r gorgeous! omg def gonna wear a vera wang for my wedding man haha


chocolatecup said...

haa. so do i. they are preeeety!

Anonymous said...

no wonder my commetn was not posted..
I forgot abt the word verification!

haha i also dunwan a wedding dinner next time when i get married..jus a simple reception..

rather spend more on my honey moon!

chocolatecup said...

yeah. or house or whatever. lol. but i dont think my 'husband' side will agree