Thursday, November 6, 2008

Death by baking

Chocolate & Strawberry Shortcake

I baked this------------------------------------------->
just this afternoon when I am really supposed to be working on my SC2101 Methods of Social Reasearch Essay and fine-tuning my Philosopy Paper and writing comments on the Philosophy module blog. This is bad. I totally suck at being focussed on what I am supposed to do. Guess all that will have to wait till after dinner!

P.S The shortcake was DELICIOUS :)


Anonymous said...

it looks delicious too!! bake some for us??? hehe christmas pressiee??

chocolatecup said...

haaa. i would give you that and more for christmas prezzieS!! love you.

Anonymous said...

heyyy! love YUMMMMMMYYYY! (:

ting here!

chocolatecup said...

awww ting.. thanks. i miss your baking!! and i cant wait to see you wed! :)