Friday, November 21, 2008

A million things in between the mistletoe

I told my friends on a particular day that when i woke up that morning, it felt like it was Christmas and they burst out laughing at my idiocy. It definitely feels like Christmas now with the chilling weather, the new Christmas Starbucks flavour, the mall Christmas decorations all up, the special Christmas platter at Ikea, the sudden craving for ham, turkey and maybe some eggnog. My sister has gotten into the habit of playing my prehistoric nsync christmas album and the platinum christmas compilation every night and it just makes me feel all christmassy. Christmas is like my favourite season in the whole year and i know it is more than all those stuff i mentioned up there or the lights in orchard road, its so much more because the whole reason we are celebrating is because its the 'birthday' of our saviour. Even if you are not celebrating the birth of christ, I am sure christmas means something to you!

There is going to be so much going on from now till Christmas that it will definitely be a miracle if i make it through to kiss my boyfriend under the mistletoe.

Not that i need the mistletoe that is.

P.S Definitely making christmas cards this year.
P.S.S update with a more christmassy post when i am not so fed up arguing with my sis halfway when i was writing this post.

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