Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i know.
i am not supposed to be blogging when i have an exam tomorrow.
but i really cannot help myself.
my notes are boring.
and i got excited about this:


Enid Blyton is like one of my favourite childhood writers and i read almost all her books. Yeah. i know. my mum bought me almost every single one of those books.but i realized i do not have those two!!!i really loved the magic faraway tree series. i kind of want this:

for christmas.

i think i will probably get it myself for myself:)

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Friday, November 21, 2008

A million things in between the mistletoe

I told my friends on a particular day that when i woke up that morning, it felt like it was Christmas and they burst out laughing at my idiocy. It definitely feels like Christmas now with the chilling weather, the new Christmas Starbucks flavour, the mall Christmas decorations all up, the special Christmas platter at Ikea, the sudden craving for ham, turkey and maybe some eggnog. My sister has gotten into the habit of playing my prehistoric nsync christmas album and the platinum christmas compilation every night and it just makes me feel all christmassy. Christmas is like my favourite season in the whole year and i know it is more than all those stuff i mentioned up there or the lights in orchard road, its so much more because the whole reason we are celebrating is because its the 'birthday' of our saviour. Even if you are not celebrating the birth of christ, I am sure christmas means something to you!

There is going to be so much going on from now till Christmas that it will definitely be a miracle if i make it through to kiss my boyfriend under the mistletoe.

Not that i need the mistletoe that is.

P.S Definitely making christmas cards this year.
P.S.S update with a more christmassy post when i am not so fed up arguing with my sis halfway when i was writing this post.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Click on the picture.

The boyfriend is at a wedding dinner.
I acutally do like going to a wedding dinner.
I know.
1.The food is not great and you are probably stuffed by the 3rd course.
2.The dessert always suck.
3.You have to be in frills and shirts.
4.Its wayyyyy too long.
5.You probably do not even know the married couple.
but its just nice to have an occasion to dress up for.

bimbotic i know.

As much as i like going to one.
I do not (if i ever get married) want to have one.
and the list of why i do not would be too long to fit in my short post.
It seems too far to think about them.
but time flies.

and I want my Vera Wang.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Death by baking

Chocolate & Strawberry Shortcake

I baked this------------------------------------------->
just this afternoon when I am really supposed to be working on my SC2101 Methods of Social Reasearch Essay and fine-tuning my Philosopy Paper and writing comments on the Philosophy module blog. This is bad. I totally suck at being focussed on what I am supposed to do. Guess all that will have to wait till after dinner!

P.S The shortcake was DELICIOUS :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weather Report

Its not make-up.
Its not for halloween.
I did not get abused.
I was not grabbed by some ghost. (as suggested by my sister)
Combine golden metallic bangles plus hard clutching of laptop to chest and tada.
Don't get me wrong.
I love rainy days.
The lovely smell of the rain,
of the crisp clean air,
the chilly wind that kisses my cheek and toys with my stray strand of hair.
I do occasionally take walks in the pouring rain.
Get myself drenched silly and maybe think about screaming "Cat, Cat!" like Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
But when you feel like you feel like you are trapped in some typhoon when you are walking underneath HDB void decks, wearing a white T-shirt and carry a million things to go attend a 2 hour lecture, then its maybe time to say:
"I'll take a raincheck."
and mean it.