Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink baking

It was a pink day perfect for baking and even more perfect because I was baking with the sweetest pinkest darling! Here are some not so pink pictures from our pink-ish baking adventure:)

Elaine with her painstakingly made profiteroles. I was her shifu(master)! (or so she says.)

Will you meet me again one pink day?

P.S Laine, if you rather not have your picture up here, just msg me k. You do look lovely though.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alison's card

I just received pictures of the card I made for Alison, (a million thanks to you Alison for taking them) so here:


I actually wanted the dresses to look like they were falling from the sky but I drew them too big! Hehe. Since the back is polka-dotted, figured I would polka-dot the front too!


The girl was not very well drawn! :( I do love that page sososo much though!


Brollies! And if it is not obvious enough, the dots are like raindrops!

To Alison: Know you are not exactly feeling rainbow-y now but I do hope you feel sunshine-y soon! Maybe you can try watching more episodes of Boys over Flowers to cheer yourself up! Tee hee.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tea, scones and Rolly-Polies

Be warned: Overload of lousy in-built vaio camera pictures of moi.
Tee hee. Thought I would recount today with lots of pictures of me! It was quite a day with my 2 literature major friends and oh it just made me think of how grateful I am for days like this:)

First it was picnic with Meiling! She brought a mat, a lovely assortment of teas, thermos of "hot" water, bubbles and camera! I brought lemon scones, fail but tasty cranberry scones, scrambled eggs on toast, marmite on toast, butter-sugar toast, strawberries and those tea cups I am holding up in the above 3 photos! It was such glorious weather! We thought it would be so unbearably hot but the wind played with our hair as the ants crawled into our shoes as we sat on the carpet grass under a tree at the roof terrace of esplanade. It was quite a funny sight for the tourists visiting the roof terrace and we got quite a shock when two policeman walked past us for fear of chiding us sitting there. (cos' I think we are not allowed?) Oh! and we saw a rainbow! :)

We were supposed to be deciphering poems in Alice but I think Meiling forgot! Hehe. She did lend me "The Little Prince" though and I am going to read it later while waiting for my super long hair to dry!

Then it was off to dinner with Lovely LY and we drank soup at Cedele and she ate my fail and lemon scones! After that we walked around for a bit and drank our nightcap Starbucks. Liiiinnnnnnggg, should I buy both the coral and blue flower hairbands? I cannot stop thinking about it!! The darling gave me these from her Vietnam trip: Cute rolly polly dollies!!!

OK. Those last 2 are up there just because I am a camwhore.

P.S Look how long my fringe is! Time to trot down to the hairdresser's!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pie in the sky

Pie in the sky.
Kind of.
(Should have photo-shopped away my hand.)

This is kind of lame!
I know what you are thinking- why on earth does she want to position the still hot apple pie (as deduced from the pink oven "mitt") at such a precarious position.
Others are wondering- my gawd. if she drops it. my gawd.
The things I do to try to get natural lighting.
Gee whiz.

Still no camera.
Had to wade through seriously sarcastic waters to acquire the very good camera phone from one of my household resident.
The things I do to try to get a picture of my pie!
Ho hum!

Made this today for a seriously overdue GAT using mum-tested newspaper recipe adding a pinch of salt not mentioned in the recipe when cooking the apples for this apple pie! I wanted to add some cheese to the crust a la Pushing Daises style but the bf and family are no big fans of Roquefort, Gruyère, Camembert, Black Brie... OK.cheese in short.
Strictly speaking, I am no connosieur in Cheese and I certainly am no true blue cheese eater but I do enjoy fresh Parmesan on my pasta, those mozzarella on my pizza and in this case, I reckon apple pie with a hint of cheese crust would probably be on my list for 'cheese-food'.
This is GAT 8!
(Not counting the super big treat he got for his birthday)
Long hiatus eh?

Those that are interested in knowing what I have been up to besides swiveling my pie plate outside my kitchen window, if you are on my facebook, pictures probably say a thousand words~
Alternatively, check out the pictures on Weini's blog!

For those who are lazy though, let me try to sum it up with a string of words:
Potter, Bf, Catwalk, Elaine, Birthdays, Young Victoria, New Jeans,School,Hagen Daaz,ETC.
Lazy to continue.

To have a party or not that is the question.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pinkdot cupcake

You are looking at probably the only photographed cupcake I made for the pinkdot event!
Speaking of which, I took a cab, paid peak period surcharge reached there like 5 plus only to miss CASS then I was too shy to give out the cupcakes so I pratically dragged Liz around and then I had to rush off to Alison's birthday party. So, I was basically at Hong Lim Park for like 15 minutes giving out cupcakes and that was my first experience at an event like Pinkdot. Crazy eh?

Anyway, I hope Alison had a blast at her party and that she remembers to take pictures of my card! Well, I would not dare to hope that she took pictures of the cupcakes I made her. Oh well. It really SUCKS not having a camera! Anyway, they werent very pretty I think because I was in a rush. Note to self: Do not ever ever make anything in a rush. STUPID.

I have this really odd thinking: Happiness always does not seem to last or rather is shortlived? Somehow, like you can generally have a really happy day only to have one thing spoil it in the end. Or that you can be happy for maybe several weeks then all the happiness would be "erased" by some unhappy event which is more unhappy than how happy you were. I dont know. Maybe its some cycle of happiness.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

#8 Someone who does not let me go to sleep sad and crying.

Zhen yi

Happy Happy Birthday Zhen yi!
10 years it has been and oh what wonderful 10 years they were.
Do not even think about getting out of my life.
Love you.

The card.

The pictures are a bit blurry but thanks Zhen yi for taking them for me.
It sucks to have a spoilt camera!

The Party.
Zhen yi the star flanked by 2 weird friends.
Ok Esther.
1 weird friend.
I was really happy or laughing for some reason.
A bit uh.
But oh well.
It IS me you are talking about.

Failed kiss attempt.
Zhen yi the irresistible.

Sorry Samantha.
This was the only decent picture of me in that whole album.
I was either looking seriously deranged or doing some weird things in all the pictures.
I am so un-photogenic.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world my dearest friend.
Happy 21st.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Manda's 21st

Happy 21st Birthday Manda Panda

Awesome party.
It was a tad too hot and sticky though.
Enjoyable nevertheless!
Made Manda a card!
Couldn't take a picture cos my cam is spoilt but oh well.
We got her T&Co. earrings!
Hope she liked it among all her wonderful gifts including her very sexaaaay thongs.

I look like a midget.
Well you can see me on tiptoes!
Ting, Ling and of course Manda were all so soo gorgeous!
Forgot i had such gorgeous friends sometimes.
Ken and Phil are like the best remedy to any gloomy house-elfs!
And Terence-hahah.hope you didnt write her name all over your exam script.

Cannot wait for Friday.
It is hopeless to hope i wont screw it up but it will be the last paper i can screw up.
I am so done.

Friday, May 1, 2009

#7 Someone who respects me.

Say No

I bet you were going to say " to drugs?" *winks

I have been trying not to be to upset about screwing up my 3 papers so far, the last one I did on Wednesday was by far the worse. Yes, I am afraid my CAP this sem will sink to oblivion. Oh well. 2 more papers to go! One tomorrow then the LAST ONE on FRIDAY! I know. Everyone is going to gloat and has gloated for some at my miserably sad fate. No matter. This is not going to bother me!

Distractions, distractions, distractions, I have been really cutting down the time I come online, I have not checked my friends list on LJ for a few days now or more I think but I could not resist tastespotting and a bit of facebooking and finally I have yielded to abit of blogging now. Besides the internet, I am sad to say I have been rehooked onto re-reading Harry Potter! I am crazy and totally mad I know! I have finished the first 3 books and am starting the 4th one now-it drives me crazy! I had to pry myself away from those wonderful wonderful things and concentrate reading my coursepack, it was most excruciating mind you! They are however a great form of motivation for me to finish reading certain boring articles but then I ended up getting sucked into Hogwarts for much too long! Tsk.

There are many NOs we have to say in our lives to people, to things , to distractions , to FOOD and whatnot but there is one NO I would really like to say to and that is NO to Identity Mobilisation. More in this article. (Click on the word, article. I think maybe I ought to mention that in my previous post, the word Pinkdot which appeared twice are hyperlinks. It probably was not very obvious was it?)

Good luck to me for acing the last 2 exams to balance my pathetic papers before!
Being too hopeful am I now?