Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink baking

It was a pink day perfect for baking and even more perfect because I was baking with the sweetest pinkest darling! Here are some not so pink pictures from our pink-ish baking adventure:)

Elaine with her painstakingly made profiteroles. I was her shifu(master)! (or so she says.)

Will you meet me again one pink day?

P.S Laine, if you rather not have your picture up here, just msg me k. You do look lovely though.


Zabird said...

AH!!! Strawberries!

Anonymous said...

do you make durian puffs too? =D

chocolatecup said...

@gabby: YES! and they are soooooo good! ref to my old blog: under the simply puffvine post! hehe.
@liz: haha. go buy lah!!:P

Hayley said...

These look beautiful, and I too love anything pink. Thanks for sharing!

chocolatecup said...

@hayley: you should become best friends with my buddy!:P