Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tea, scones and Rolly-Polies

Be warned: Overload of lousy in-built vaio camera pictures of moi.
Tee hee. Thought I would recount today with lots of pictures of me! It was quite a day with my 2 literature major friends and oh it just made me think of how grateful I am for days like this:)

First it was picnic with Meiling! She brought a mat, a lovely assortment of teas, thermos of "hot" water, bubbles and camera! I brought lemon scones, fail but tasty cranberry scones, scrambled eggs on toast, marmite on toast, butter-sugar toast, strawberries and those tea cups I am holding up in the above 3 photos! It was such glorious weather! We thought it would be so unbearably hot but the wind played with our hair as the ants crawled into our shoes as we sat on the carpet grass under a tree at the roof terrace of esplanade. It was quite a funny sight for the tourists visiting the roof terrace and we got quite a shock when two policeman walked past us for fear of chiding us sitting there. (cos' I think we are not allowed?) Oh! and we saw a rainbow! :)

We were supposed to be deciphering poems in Alice but I think Meiling forgot! Hehe. She did lend me "The Little Prince" though and I am going to read it later while waiting for my super long hair to dry!

Then it was off to dinner with Lovely LY and we drank soup at Cedele and she ate my fail and lemon scones! After that we walked around for a bit and drank our nightcap Starbucks. Liiiinnnnnnggg, should I buy both the coral and blue flower hairbands? I cannot stop thinking about it!! The darling gave me these from her Vietnam trip: Cute rolly polly dollies!!!

OK. Those last 2 are up there just because I am a camwhore.

P.S Look how long my fringe is! Time to trot down to the hairdresser's!


lyi said...

you should just buy one first so you can bring it out on a test drive! if you like it then go back and get the second colour.

chocolatecup said...

haaa. but the thing is i dont know which color to choose! oh woe!

raphael said...

:] so cute. i can't get enough of your blog.

chocolatecup said...

@raph: and i cant get enough of yours:P