Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Manda's 21st

Happy 21st Birthday Manda Panda

Awesome party.
It was a tad too hot and sticky though.
Enjoyable nevertheless!
Made Manda a card!
Couldn't take a picture cos my cam is spoilt but oh well.
We got her T&Co. earrings!
Hope she liked it among all her wonderful gifts including her very sexaaaay thongs.

I look like a midget.
Well you can see me on tiptoes!
Ting, Ling and of course Manda were all so soo gorgeous!
Forgot i had such gorgeous friends sometimes.
Ken and Phil are like the best remedy to any gloomy house-elfs!
And Terence-hahah.hope you didnt write her name all over your exam script.

Cannot wait for Friday.
It is hopeless to hope i wont screw it up but it will be the last paper i can screw up.
I am so done.


zabird said...

We should meet up SOON SOON SOON!
Get Malisa and Meisi as well!

Anonymous said...

amy, you are theee cutest.


chocolatecup said...

awww raph! you are the sweetest:)