Friday, May 1, 2009

Say No

I bet you were going to say " to drugs?" *winks

I have been trying not to be to upset about screwing up my 3 papers so far, the last one I did on Wednesday was by far the worse. Yes, I am afraid my CAP this sem will sink to oblivion. Oh well. 2 more papers to go! One tomorrow then the LAST ONE on FRIDAY! I know. Everyone is going to gloat and has gloated for some at my miserably sad fate. No matter. This is not going to bother me!

Distractions, distractions, distractions, I have been really cutting down the time I come online, I have not checked my friends list on LJ for a few days now or more I think but I could not resist tastespotting and a bit of facebooking and finally I have yielded to abit of blogging now. Besides the internet, I am sad to say I have been rehooked onto re-reading Harry Potter! I am crazy and totally mad I know! I have finished the first 3 books and am starting the 4th one now-it drives me crazy! I had to pry myself away from those wonderful wonderful things and concentrate reading my coursepack, it was most excruciating mind you! They are however a great form of motivation for me to finish reading certain boring articles but then I ended up getting sucked into Hogwarts for much too long! Tsk.

There are many NOs we have to say in our lives to people, to things , to distractions , to FOOD and whatnot but there is one NO I would really like to say to and that is NO to Identity Mobilisation. More in this article. (Click on the word, article. I think maybe I ought to mention that in my previous post, the word Pinkdot which appeared twice are hyperlinks. It probably was not very obvious was it?)

Good luck to me for acing the last 2 exams to balance my pathetic papers before!
Being too hopeful am I now?


Larissa said...

Distractions are hard to cut out, but it's certainly worth the work! Good luck with your papers.

Anonymous said...

haha you are an interesting girl indeed.
i hope your papers go well. or went well.

and don't worry, reading is pretty attractive on girls. good on you.

chocolatecup said...

to larissa: thank you babe! i have one left now. so its kinda like "exams are over!" teehee:P

chocolatecup said...

to raphaels: am i really now? i hope they went ok. i did really screw it. sigh. oh i am not worried abt reading being unattractive! i cldnt give a care less to people who think its not!haaaa. hope your papers were gd too!:))

lyi said...

tell me about it. i finished a book today instead of doing math!

chocolatecup said...

oh lingyi!!what have we been doinnnnggg.i finished book 4 btw!