Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i know.
i am not supposed to be blogging when i have an exam tomorrow.
but i really cannot help myself.
my notes are boring.
and i got excited about this:


Enid Blyton is like one of my favourite childhood writers and i read almost all her books. Yeah. i know. my mum bought me almost every single one of those books.but i realized i do not have those two!!!i really loved the magic faraway tree series. i kind of want this:

for christmas.

i think i will probably get it myself for myself:)

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Unknown said...

i like enid blyton books if not for them taking up sooo much space at home! cool. :)

Anonymous said...

what a cute post about enid blyton books. haha. jiayou for your exams darling :)

Anonymous said...

all the best for exams amy dear!

chocolatecup said...

janet :
yeah. they take up an awful space at home and i kinda love that they do! :)

weini, alison:
haaa. my exams sucked. bleargh

Anonymous said...

there is a website that in my opinion is god's gift to (poor) can obtain rare copies of books (and cosmo or cleo perhaps) by the means of a barter.


rueben. said...

^ is me.

chocolatecup said...

to tanmingernrueben: thanks!:)
will check it out! ^! irybt.

e--- said...

oh i have the wishing chair sequel! i want to read the faraway tree again! enid blyton is storybook genius

chocolatecup said...

to ee li: yeah i know. i heart enid blyton. i am going to read it again after i buy the boooks! :)