Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things I want in a Lover

I want to do my own list.
Inspiration from here:
1001 things i want in a lover
Thanks Alvin for introducing this to me.

#1 Someone to wake up next to and feed me pancakes and scrambled eggs in bed.


Zabird said...

I wish for that as well =)

angsty barbie said...

mimi! u're sucha loving gf! would have love(or muacks) u to death if i were your boyfriend! once in awhile, still will miss the days when we used to hang out after school during sec 2 and 3. =)

chocolatecup said...

-->laine: haaa. i secretly hope he loves (or muacks) me to death too!lol. i just tagged a really long winded note on on your tag board! oops:P

-->liz: you like scrambled eggs and pancakes too?