Friday, April 24, 2009

Exam blues

Tomorrow's my first paper.
Wait a minute for reality sinking in.

Now wait another minute while I go scream.
Bah. Exams.

P.S Sorry WJ for not making it to your party! I know I would be missing a most fabulous time! :(

Bah. Exams.
Good luck everyone. See you all after those blasted things!

Something to be cheery about:
#6 Someone who hides my presents and make me solve riddles to find them.
This is Tramie's contribution which share my sentiment:)


"Tramie" said...

My bf was away during xmas so Xmas eve at 12 he texted me a riddle. Turns out he had been hiding the present in the house for 2 weeks!!! I thought it was 1 of the sweetest & most fun thing ever

chocolatecup said...

awwww tramie!! that is sooooo sweet. i m so gonna stalk your blog for pictures of your sweetie:P