Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bf's 21st

*Please be warned that this post is picture-heavy!:P

First, food porn !
The bf did not want a big birthday cake and he mentioned in passing that he really likes having many many cakes/baked things at one time.
And SO..
I made 8 different things!
It was pretty crazy and all especially with project deadlines and presentations but its ok, being a panda is like my second nature anyway.
I just need a real good concealer! (hopefully the new Clinique one I bought today is good)
Oh yes. being the idiot that i am, i forgot to bring the jello-cheesecake :(
Before I delivered all these baked goodies to him, I did a "Love Actually" scene at 12am! (which only Jamie knows what it is about!)
Ok. on to the food.

1. Meringues
(These are my sister's favourite!)

2. Strawberry-Nutella Wantons

After I took those photos, I had to rush off to his house so bear with the not so pretty food porn!

3+4. Honey Financiers + Lemon Spritz Cookie with Lemon Buttercream
In the first picture, you can see the lemon spritz cookies in the plastic box. (Forgot to take pictures of them) The honey financiers doubled up as the birthday cake too.

5. Truffles
His favourite, it was also the first ever 'treat' he ate that I made before we even got together. I secretly think he got together with me because of them. HA. Oh yeah. you can see the meringues in the background.

6. Puffs stuffed with Lemon buttercream from the Lemon Spritz cookies (Too much buttercream left from making the cookies)

7. Almond Chocolate Toffee Crunchies
I made extra for his "surprise" K party and I think general comments were that its too sweet. It IS chocolate and Toffee! HA. (That is his hand btw!)

The "You have to try one each!"

"Cutting cake" ceremony!

Isn't he the cutest!
*Please do not gag:P

Some "us"cam-whoring
(Obvs I made him do it)

Cue to skip because its meme-photos after this.

Wore that outfit with my trusty heels:)

The absent-minded me left the camera at his house when we were preparing to go out and so no more photos of the rest of the day!:(
What an idiot right?

Anyway, we went to the cookie muesum at the Esplanade to have tea and I manage to stop myself from buying 8 tins of cookies like how i did the other time when they were still called the V Tea Room.
Dinner at Au Petit Salut.
Ambience was good but food was disappointing! :(
We had the 5-course meal with perrier and campari. ($250)
The good: Foie gras (AMAZING)
Passionfruit souffle
The Mediocre: Lobster Bisque
The Bad: Beef (5-course)

Then it was off to his K-party!
Pictures of that would probably be on facebook or Aaron's blog!

Ok. That's kind of it for the bf's 21st.
No big party(his request) but it was a pretty amazing 21st:)


All my projects, papers, presentations, lectures are officially over!
However, exams are in like 1 wk or sth.


lyi said...

omg i can't believe you baked so much during these hard times!!! he should be really touched!

(but why did you wear so nice to go surprise him at midnight hahah!)

help me wish him a happy birthday! :)

chocolatecup said...

my dear girl! i didnt wear so nice to surprise him at midnight! that was the day itself my love!ha.. okies. i will help you wish him a happy belated birthday! :P

jamie said...

i totally love the "love actually" idea i kinda koped it >.< hehehe. but i did give credit to u! lol! wayne is one lucky dude! haha and he looks quite good actually hahaha. in the last few pictures.

chocolatecup said...

awww jamie! lol. wj's birthday's over alr meh? oh nooooo. ha. you didnt have to credit me!:P he does look good if i do say so myself! :)

Justin said...

8 different things!!! very nice.

chocolatecup said...

well justin, some turned out great! the others were q a disappointment to me but oh well! i was ambitious! made some of those things like first time in my life and i m glad the bf didnt have to end up in a hospital!lol. love your blog btw!:)