Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to my dearest Weini

Went to Weini's really early celebration for her birthday last Saturday.
Theme was Hawaiian and I wore this 'leaf dress' that i thought was quite appropriate.
Anyway, the pictures are on her blog (and jamie's)!
The cake was sooooo good! and me being an idiot totally forgot to ask her where she got it from.
(So what else is new.)
Oh! The party was kind of fun!
I did a split, jumped on chairs, laid on the floor, had 'gummy throwing' competition with WJ, took a considerable amount of pictures, ate too much, shrieked like crazy and was just being my usual self. (Of course, all my friends know that i get high on air!)
Besides partaking in the present sharing with the usual suspects (+wj), I did of course make Weini a birthday card:
Happy birthday my dearest:)! (in advance)

Notes to self:
1. Buy polka-dotted paper instead of labouriously sticking circle stickers onto red paper.
2.Notice the giant spliting of the card at the spine and make time to fix it up properly instead of sticking red dot stickers in a feeble attempt to cover the tear. (Will be using red tape to stick it up for WN the next time i meet her)
3. Do not give people substandard card especially one of your closest friend and feel guilty about it for the rest of your life.

P.S No GAT again:( Sigh. I have been procrastinating way too much and now they are back to haunt me so no time for baking! Triple sigh. I do not even have time to meet the bf! Million sighs.

P.S.S I realized that I have switched from updating my blog about GAT to updating about Birthdays and Birthday cards. Tsk.

Holidays come quick. Oh please.

Edit: Thank you Weini hon for taking lovely pics of my card:)


weini said...

hahaha! silly girl! stop worrying about e card!

anw u look really pretty in that 'leaf dress'!

the cake's from rive.

im glad u had fun.

last but not least, love u! :)

chocolatecup said...

to weini:

awww. thank you! you look the prettiest of course and...