Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 21st BFF!

You know I would sing you a birthday song if I was at your party in NZ!
Hell. you know I would do more than that!:)
Happy birthday my dearest friend.
I love you way too much for words.

P.S Hope you like the present and the handmade card! :)
P.S.S If you have not received the parcel, :(, well, at least you can see snippets of the card here!



cindy* said...

aw...i love your hand drawn cards. waht a special thing to send your friend and what a lucky friend!

chocolatecup said...

to cindy--> well you are a fantastic friend to have to bake cupcakes for your friend:) cheers to having wonderful friends to make wonderful things for:)

Anonymous said...

im here to spam u with comments my dear! hahaha! i love all e cards you made luh. *cant wait to receive mine from you* wahaha

chocolatecup said...

lol. it must be weini the anonymous that forgot to sign off. lol:P love you!

MEILING said...

and amy you're such a sweetie(:

chocolatecup said...

awww. thanks meiling:)

zay said...

nice nice nice!
love the card!

chocolatecup said...

to elizabeth:
thankyewww. see you toms:)