Friday, March 27, 2009

Simple mornings

I feel especially loved today :)
The bf bought me breakfast:)

I insisted the night before that he should buy me breakfast another day when he would not be deprived of sleep but he forgo-ed his sleep and turned up with a mountain of food:)
After breakfast, we watched my sassy girl and the poor boy was sooo fatigued but wanted to finish watching with me:)

I do not think he knows that my 'dream' is to be able to wake up next to my 'lover' and feed each other pancakes or scrambled eggs naked/clothed (doesnt matter) and well today he just kind of fulfilled part of it:) (even if it was not pancakes or scrambled eggs and we were both clothed-duh)

Although I have always secretly wished the bf was romantic and would have a surprise waiting for me at every corner, but on mornings like this, I realize i do not want a romantic bf but i just want him:)


lyi said...

AWW <3<3<3

chocolatecup said...


I bet you have this scenario where rueben turns up with lotsa food all the time you lucky girl!

weini said...

sho sweeet! :):):)

chocolatecup said...

awww thanks weini hon. i am sure bg is like super sweetttt.