Monday, March 23, 2009

food,books and friends


1. Sweets

Whenever NUS have their a mil and one bazaars at the forum, if i happen to walk by, i would definitely grab some sweets from bonjapan even though they are VERY expensive. I have found a new favourite! The soda kids candy which you see in the v first picture are fizzyyyyy and not too sweet- my kind of sweet! My favourite is the 'blue colored' one which is 'sprite flavour':) The last time bonjapan was here was last year i think and among the array of sweets/chocolate which i bought, the changing color sweet was the cutest. The sweets are shaped like a gingerbread man packed in purple packaging and i think i bought like 4 packs to give to my tution kids and the bf. Last but not least, i have 'discovered' the wonderful-ness of Daim sweets! To quote my sis: "wah lao, now then know got this sweet." ha. YES.


Just some cupcakes i made yesterday night and frosted today! they are rich chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate-mint ganache topped with mint buttercream:) They were for the birthday boy JOHNNY and birthday girl YIBO! Happy birthday again to you two. Hope you guys had as much a great time as i did! Even though we ate freaking alot!seafood, b&j's and cupcakes?!?! Never again. i think i gained like 5 kg. ha. lucky no peking duck. oh! and i have quite a few left after giving 1 to yibo, 1 to hwanliang, 4 to johnny and 3 to the bf (GAT7), so i would be giving those to the people i am going to meet tomorrow!:)

1. toast catalogues

I love getting toast catalogues in the mail! The pictures are just lovely even though i cannot really afford anything in there. AND i am pretty cheapo. I will enter my address twice on the website just to get 2 copies. Hehe.

2. Haruki Murakami books

I know i really should stop proclaiming my love for his books but here i am again showing you my very small collection of his books. As i mentioned in the last post, i went to catch "Dinner with Murakami" at the substation and it was pretty awesome! I bought these 2 books! I had wanted to buy all of them but obviously they didnt have NETS and i did not have enough CASH. So 2 it is. Although my birthday is in JULY which is like months away,i guess it would not hurt if i started writing my wish list now..haha.This would definitely be on my wish list : Whole collection of Haruki Murakami books minus those 2 i have (duh). *HINTHINT


I love meeting up and catching up with friends whom i have absolutely no time for. Be it eating yuzu ramen and canele's cakes, grabbing dinner and Starbucks, pigging out on crabs and ice-cream and cupcakes, simple lunches (usually fish bee-hoon soup) at the deck or just talking about everything under the sun in the coziness of Fosters, it really makes me understand the meaning of how little things can bring about great happiness. i do not know if that makes sense but whatever. I guess i am also grateful (gasp!) for school assignments too for giving me a chance to talk to my grandparents:) i realize they are not that scary and very adorable after all.

Oh yes.Thank you Y, for giving me those little gifts, i really love it and the scent of le b. (bay) is awesome! i have been using it ALOT!

Finally. nothing really to do with food books or friends, i just "holed" my pocket by buying this:

Gawd. i really suck at saving money.


Anonymous said...

hello. just happened to hop over to your blog from lj. wanna ask how much did the fizzy sweets cost you?


chocolatecup said...

oooh. i think they were four aft a 5% discount? Lol.

Anonymous said...

haha but the object that "holed" your pocket is real nice! :) I like. I also want! But I bought a dkny one recently, so am restraining myself hahaa

chocolatecup said...

lol. woah stella! you should so show me the next time i meet lingyi for lunch and you happen to be in the 'vicinity' :P

Patricia said...

The cupcakes are gorgeous!!!!

chocolatecup said...

awww thank you patricia!:)

Justin said...

yum, i love anything with mint. well, maybe not meatloaf with mint, but anything else.

chocolatecup said...

wow justin! really? you are like the second person i know that likes mint! apparently people around me arent too fond of mint and i for one am no big fan! make something minty on your blog, i just loooove to ogle at your pictures:)