Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is a very belated birthday post but...

I hope you liked the card i made and the present!:)
AND we will go have your birthday lunch/dinner soon ok?

This is the year of the 21st birthdays for me and speaking of which, I am so looking forward to your Hawaiian party Weini! :P
OK. Besides the fact that i have been busy essaying last weekend. yes. last minute work! (At least i finished in time to catch 'Dinner with Murakami' at the Substation:)) i had my nails painted. yet again in red. so no GAT the week before. And GAT last week was this:

Those are the haystacks the bf got.
Then i decided, they do not look very pretty.
And so...

(FYI. The teacup was not attempting suicide of any kind. Even though it very well might have since those haystacks were so cute! ok. lmao.)

Just in case you kind of miss my face. i cam-whored a bit i think on Tues night and here are the spoils:

(no makeup no makeup no makeup)

Right now, i just want to be in the middle of my TOAST catalogue cover.
Even though as you know, i cannot swim.
P.S I slept like 11hrs+2 and i am still sleepy. GAWD


jme said...

hahaha! yes i miss ur face

chocolatecup said...

jamie its you isnt it! i miss you too bb!

weini said...

yay! im finally seeing you tml darling! *cant wait* hehe

chocolatecup said...

lol! yessss. i cannot wait too bb!! ha:)