Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy cupcakes!

The weather has been sooooo erratic nowadays!
you wake up feeling superhot,10 minutes later, the rain just pours!

Anyway, just a short little post to complain about the rain and show you this lovely looking cupcake i bought at the arts walkway!

oh yeah. i squashed it abit!
i had to put it in my bad because of the stupid rain.
in case you cannot see it-its the left side, the hard icing kind of crumbled.
i thought it looked sooooo pretty! the lovely color gradient and all.
i came back and immediately googled about color gradient in icing only to find nothing:(
anyone who knows something about 'gradienting' icing, pleaseplease tell me!:)
the taste was disappointing:(
the choc cake was not moist nor choclately and the icing was wayyy too sweet:((
oh well, it looks really very pretty though!
and i guess cupcakes ARE supposed to look pretty if anything!:)

sigh.need to bathe and start on work!


Unknown said...

it is adorable!!!

chocolatecup said...

yeahh! i thought it was too! too bad it wasnt that yummy:(

roger said...

OH MAN! I remember those on sale at Arts! And how I offended the seller...

*walking past the stall*

"Heyyy wanna buy a cupcake???"

"Erm they look plastic..."

*seller puts on the most insulted look ever*

" offense...!"

cuppyloves said...

how did you make them1!!WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

chocolatecup said...

to roger! i know right. but it looked so pretty. the taste was real :(

to cuppyloves! i did not make them! i bought them at some fundraising at my school! i was wondering how to make them too!!!