Saturday, February 28, 2009


With regards to my previous post.
I am fine.
Do not worry!
You can just ignore it.
I mean its TLDR anyway: Too Long Don't Read.
Just a little update before i disappear agin:
Went to watch Vaness Wu perform at Dragonfly on Wednesday
Yes. you read that correctly.
Everytime my sister's idol/idols come to town, I would be her 'lady in waiting'.
Trust me.
I will never step foot there ever.
Went to Zirca after for free lychee martninis.
OK. it was more to see the bf.
Anyway I realized when i was in a drunk stupor, I managed to snap these photos (the others were blurry and out of focus).
Oh yes. i was lying on the floor.
For Last Week's GAT (GAT 6),
I made Omuraisu!
It was so hard!!
The ketchup fried rice was great, I made extra for my family.
(you know how they complain of favourtism)
yes i know, i forgot to take pictures of the rice! (and that was the tasty part!)
But the omelette- disappointing!
First time i tried to wrap the rice in, the omelette broke apart.
i managed to get it all nice rolled in the 2nd time but the omelette was tooooo cooked!
It is really supposed to be kinda soft.
like just abit more cooked than scrambled eggies!
Oh. and i think i didnt mix the salt and pepper evenly.
So it was q a disastrous treat for the bf.
He gobbled it up anyway:)

I managed to post some things out.
I am so sorry my pen pals but you will be recieving this in the mail soon:

Another something i sent along with those babies:

Yes. its someone's 21st again!
You know who you are! :)




Recess week is ending.

Which means I am SCREWED.

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