Thursday, July 30, 2009

5 Birthdays and a Wedding

First off, it is going to be a long long post with pictures (thankfully), but still, a warning is nevertheless necessary.
I know. This is what happens when I put off blogging for 2 long!
HOWEVER, it was not because I was lazy, well a bit but more of because of this:

Anyway, the kind people at blogger has fixed or somehow its miraculously fixed so yipee!

It was actually going to be 6 birthdays but I think that will be too much of an overload so here is the first five plus a wedding and the next post will be the 6th birthday, which is mine by the way. Oh, I think I am going to squeeze in an event I did too way back in early July.

First up, the wedding.
Samantha's and Gary's wedding.
Nothing much to say except that I do wish the couple everlasting happiness:)
Cheers *wine glass toasting

ICP Event

I met very very lovely people at this event I was working for and we did get to see many you-tube worthy things but alas, we cannot post, we cannot post it up!

Gala Dinner

My Lovely Ladies

A deep conversation
Amy (me): Pleaseeeeeee
Tianfa: Uhhhh, my gawd, you are giving me a headache.
Kim Tee: Oh man, like seriously.

Tianfa: No.
Kim Tee: Yeah. Hell no.
Amy: Whattttt. no fair.

Meet the Lion Mascot and check out our cool hair!

Elaine's 21st and Elaine's Daddy's 50th
To welcome you, we have two handsome flower bearing guys,

Some gorgeous decorating!
One of the best I have ever seen and this picture is just a fraction of the pink wonderland.

Strawberry Cupcakes I made for the birthday girl.
Jamie claims it tastes like the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour B&J Strawberry.
I on the other hand was not too happy with this icing.
The icing was much better when I 'trial-tested' this cupcake but somehow I achieved that consistency by a careless hand and for the 2nd batch, I could not "accidentally" get back that texture anymore:(

This is a picture of the testing cupcake:)

I initially wanted to adorn all the cupcakes with ribbons but I was rushing for time as the first batch of icing I made was horrendous and I had to redo it:(
I did not even have time to do Elaine's card.
Do not worry Laine!
You will get you card:)

No party is of course without the camwhoring!
So first up, some umbrella fun!

I love this picture! its sooo sweet and cute!!!

Oh. Just so you know, the party's theme is pink (like obviously), but my bf here owns nothing of that color so nautical it is. Haha.

Then it was torture the bfs.

Mine first.

Then Jamie's Weijie.

Then both.

Finally, some of Jamie dearie and me:)

We were trying to capture my back.

Happy birthday again Laine!!:)
Many thanks to Lingling, my bff toooooooo.

Rueben's RELAC 21st party
Le birthday boy.

The bestest company EVER.

Charmaine the Prada Girl
Disclaimer: She does not own anything from Prada but she owns enough YSL, Marc Jacobs, Hermes (just to name a few) to fill up my whole bedroom probably.
Nevertheless, lovelylovely girl:)

And of course, MACARONI!:)
Welcome to the haus of QQ!

Lady QQ

Her awesome bubble shooting bra,
which Ken was obsessed with.

Gaga/QQ-fied girlies.

Happy birthday Lady QQ.

En's 21st.

Then, i got tipsy and started kissing everything,

Ting especially.

I also started taking photos of everything.

Won my first game of beer pong!!!!!

Clubbed abit.

Oh yes and the guy in the middle bullied En's MOM to drink a lychee martini.
Video of that on facebook, courtesy of Amanda Tay.

Christina's poolside party

Her big bear present.
Come back soon Chrissss:)

That was insanely long.
Look out for my birthday post.

In the meantime, sleep tight, good morning:)


jme said...

thanks for your awesome company at elaine's party! dunno wad to do w/o u! lol! love!

chocolatecup said...

awww jamie dear, i wanted to accompany you to 'hell' but i couldnt leave my sailor boy! haha. i still need to hang out with you! and weini, janet! when JT comes backkkk, it will be partay time!