Sunday, January 24, 2010

Orange Cake I

Orange Cake.
How did I embark on the journey to make it?
It is quite a simple reason really. I asked my BFF1 what her favourite cake was and she replied "Orange Cake" and so Orange cake it is. She however did not get the cake that I baked for her. What happened?

Before I get to that, I have to tell you about the whole process of baking the Orange cake 1. Nic was set to go back to Auckland and I obviously waited till the last minute to bake her favourite cake having just texted her the day night before she was set to leave. I did not even have to do much digging for the recipe because I already know which one I was going to make. This one. The recipe I agree is a tad bit tedious and maybe a wee bit complicated but I was determined to make it anyway. One problem was I had only 2 eggs in the pantry. Not a big problem although it was nearing 12am because I had a 24 hour supermarket just 10 steps (ok, 100++ steps) away. So ingredient problem solved, I proceeded to boil the oranges and boy it took a looooong time! It was not too bad though because I was working on her card in the meantime.

The oranges were finally done but I had to wait for it to cool and smart me decided I shall leave them on the table near the fan so it would cool faster right? WRONG. Technically if you did it that way, it would be correct but for me, things went so wrong and I think I may have actually died. A bit melodramatic but you judge for yourself and no, sorry, I do not have a video of what happened. It would definitely be one of the top few videos on #I should have died I should think. SO, I placed the plate with the boiled oranges on the table and reached out to switch on the switch for the fan and as soon as the switch went “click”, there was immediately a very loud “BANG” and a lot of crazy whirring sounds and for a moment, I was in shock before I quickly reached for the switch. My mother suddenly appeared from my room and stared at me and then stared at all the things and the floor and she did that repeatedly for like five times and finally asked me what had happened. What happened? What happened?!?! I actually do not know and I was pretty much in shock myself. However, judging from the debris on the ground in which the blasted metal casing of the fan lay halfway across the room and the blades of fan, cracked and splintered, decorated my living room floor in all sizes and shape, I gathered that the screws that held the casing of my fan was probably loose or something and it flew out when I switched it on. My mother finally asked me if I was OK and I apparently was because if I was bleeding or lying in my own pool of blood, my mother would have probably screamed/shrieked when she came out of my room instead of alternating her views between the floor and myself, let alone asking me if I was OK. IF I was actually switching on the switch while standing in front of the fan, I probably would be typing this (or not) in the hospital (or not) and so I really thank my lucky stars that I was standing behind the fan when I switched it on.

Death averted and debris swept, I proceeded to finish baking the cake in which my near death experience (luckily) did not leave me paralysed with fear and I got it done quite successfully, out of the oven and cooling on the racks. It was 5 am then and I had to go get ready to go to the airport. You would think that there would be no more drama after that no? Oh, I was sooo wrong. The cake was still pretty hot when I needed to leave but I was pretty adamant about cutting a slice to bring it with me, after all the whole point of baking the cake was for Nic! In all of her goodness, my mother tried to help but uh the cake was destroyed because of that. It just fell apart and stuff and it was quite a heart wrenching scene which I could not really remember for that exact same reason. That was what happened to Orange cake 1. I guess the only good part out of this was that I manage to finish the card for my BFF1 so she did not exactly get zero things from me and that I ate some of the broken up pieces and it tasted pretty good so I am definitely making this cake again. This time I know, it will not involve any fans.

Making this orange cake made me realize that sometimes even if you escape the worst of things, you cannot escape the bad things that ARE going to happen sooner or later and to be honest, I really do not know how to handle them. Not one single bit.

P.S Sorry for sounding so :( but that is just what I have been feeling these few days. Not that I am not dark and twisty all the time but just more so these days. I hope life is treating all of you good though.


♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Oh dear,thats so bad ...i mean i still cant imagine this happenned to ya but lets look at the brighter side of things shall we.....(well im quite shaken myself at the moment and actually imagine this....)
But the best parts that nothing touched u and am so so glad for that....
Am sure u'll have many more a day to bake her cakes.....
Have a wonderful weekend in the happy state that nothing happenned to ya.....

chocolatecup said...

@vanillastrawberryspringfield it didnt actualky feel too bad and i was surprised i wasnt that shaken up and continued on with making cake but i guess that is life no?you got to move on, you cant stop swingin the life of swing.thank you for all your kind words:))

Anonymous said...

i imagined eating your cake!

will claim my piece the next time i see you! or when you come to nz this year!!! :D