Monday, August 22, 2011


It has been a while.
A long while.
Some jinklings-minklings must have wiped out the memory of me pressing the fast-forward, x100 button using whatever smagicz because I had to be the craziest person on earth to even think of pushing the red button. This definitely calls for some serious investigation!
No, seriously.
So, life got in the way. Days were gone in seconds and months in minutes.
Well, just look at it, half the year is gone.
But sometimes, life slows down and by being situated in the period of calm before the storm (i.e slow/slack day at work), it allows you to self-indulge a little and draft a blog entry talking entirely about you, yourself and yourself. So, hello you.
I feel apologetic sometimes for asking people “How are you?”, “Where have you been?”, “What have you been doing?” because by answering these questions myself, I realize their inadequacy. I obviously and definitely cannot summarize my life for the past six months, a year, two years in 15 minutes of monologue or even a one-hour conversation (and neither can you). But hey, no one is expecting a detailed low-down of everything that transpired for the past X months, days or years right? Or maybe you are. Or maybe I am of you?
I hate not being there and I am sure you wish you were here but the truth is that we cannot be there for everything. Although I missed out on X and you missed out on Y, I am still glad that you shared Z and will be here to share future A, B and Cs. Some people try desperately to record and document our lives in any way they can; in ink, in pixels, in cells so that they would have some proof of the happiness, the sadness, the bewilderedness that they experienced at that one point of time. I used to be those people once and still probably am though with much less zeal than before. The main reason was that I got lazy. The important reason was that I realized that moments of our lives are like runaway kites so I am going to enjoy the process of flying the kite. This is not to say that I give up totally and have a “No Documentation” policy, it just means that I will do it when I do it.
All is not lost yet though, here is some chocolate cake I made on I cannot remember when.

Simple Chocolate Cake

P.S I started writing this post since the 22nd of June and it is now 22th of August. Everything except this line is 2 months old. I amaze myself sometimes.


Actor Head Shot Makeup Sydney said...

i love cherry

Inddu said...

Hellou, I'm here to share my Z with you :D
Beautiful blog , toughts and words.
Here for the first time , accidentaly. Glad for that :)