Sunday, December 14, 2008


Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

The Bf had some.The Brothers had some. The Mum had some. Lingyi had some. Ting had some. Weini, Jamie,Janet, JT and the rest who are going to her party on Monday will get some:)



Janet Yang said...

ooooh janet had some and she loved it to bits! :) and she loves the beautiful xmas card and you! btw ngoc le is really nice!! :)

Anonymous said...

YES! even my mommy complimented you for your yummy cookies! thanks dear for the cookies n xmas card once again :) love you!

chocolatecup said...

to janet and weini,

awww. i am glad you girls liked it!!:) ha. what is ngoc le janet? i googled it but i didnt find out muchhies.

Anonymous said...

LOVE ur cookies amy dear!
And did i mention, ur getting more n more sexy!

chocolatecup said...

to alison,

awww. thank you my dear. i am glad you like it. WHAT? more sexy?!haaa. serious? i'll take it as a compliment. btw you and zj are like sooo funny. i saw the snatching marshmallow thing you guys were doing. dont think i didnt see!!:P