Friday, December 5, 2008

Jingle Bells

Merry Christmas to all my dear friends!
Yes. Its that time of year again and I am glad its that time of year again!
Even though the malls are crowded, the hole in your pocket is getting bigger and the same old christmas songs are replayed over and over but yes. I still love Christmas!:)
Looking back at the 19 Christmasses that i spent, well, not reallly 19 because i cannot really count those that i did not really 'celebrated consciously', I still cannot really figure out why i love Christmas so much!

This year is the third Christmas I am going to spend with the boyfriend and it is particularly exciting because he is going to meet my extended family. Anyway,I figured, if it gets too weird, we can probably run off to Mt Faber and continue our Christmas tradition. Yes. we are suckers for fake snow.

I baked more oatmeal choc-chip cranberry cookies yesterday.
No prizes for guessing who they are for.

P.S For having a true Haagen dazs experience. Please go with Wendy KTingwen.

P.S.S I had fun lah Ting! Your friend is funny too.

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