Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some business

No. I am not opening a business of any sort. (Although, I do take commissioned orders.)
Yes. I designed it (all by myself).
No. It is not for fun. (It was fun designing it though)
Yes. It is for tomorrow's fashion show. (Say what?)
No. I am not the caterer for the show. (Double boo!)
Yes. I am modelling. (I know right?)
No. I am not tall. (Sigh.)
Yes. It is for a good cause. (Please come!)
No. It is not invitation only. (Please come!)
Yes. I would love to meet you! (Please come!)

No. You better not steal my pictures. (Nothing will happen but someday... you will know.)
Yes. You can credit me if you use them. (Thank you for sharing the love!)

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