Monday, December 20, 2010


There are just so many things I want to do but I just never seem to get down to doing them. Like how I wanted to draw Christmas cards for everyone but it is 5 days to Christmas and I there is not a stitch of color on those gleaming white cards. Terribly ashamed of myself, I typed a public apology to my friends on facebook. I HAVE although been thinking about drawing one, scanning it and sending everyone e-cards ala secondary school style but these are still very green thoughts and I most likely (99.99999%) would not get down to doing it.

I am the worst sort of procrastinator. I really am. I really think I got through school because of all those dratted deadlines and even with them, I had to go through the "why-did-i-not-do-this-earlier?"-tearing my hair out-crazy cranky phase, including listening to the bf nag about my poor time-management skills to churn out copies of 20-paged,double-spaced, justified, Times New Roman size 12, APA cited, bibliography-ed intellectual-sounding (hopefully) essays. Of course, reading required readings are not one of my strengths either which means that you would see me in the Central Library level 6 almost every day for weeks leading up to dooms-days aka exams days. Although, in order to see me,it does require you frequenting the library as much as I do and that can mean just about one thing eh? Hehe. I have to say though, I would totally take reading readings and taking exams over essay-writing any time! Honest. A note to add? Honours semester really just means doing all of the above at super duper,ecstasy-high speed! (Which is really what I have been doing for the past few months but hey,not trying to justify my tres long absence by the way.

Ok, maybe just a little! Teehee.

Another example of how my bff frienship with procrastination is ruining my life? I wanted to blog about these awesome Blackberry-Apple Galettes from summer months ago and here I am, writing this post in the depths of December!

Blackberry-Apple Galette

Well, yeah, at least I got own to doing it right? (Albeit it being months late!) Unlike the million and one things sit on my "later" shelf that is smothered with more than an inch-thick of dust and would most likely sit there waiting for the next dust storm! So about these awesome things, what is there really to say about them besides the usual string of synonyms for "delicious"?

It truly is and you should make them for yourselves. They are my definitely one of new (or should I say old, since months have technically passed) favourite things!

Looking at them truly makes me want to go out, grab the ingredients and make them immediately but knowing me (from this post),I am still sitting here thinking about doing it. Hope you have better luck at getting your arse off that plushy cushion of yours and start making some of these babies!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S If you have time and an ice cream maker, you should try making the burnt sugar ice cream because it sounds just about heavenly!


Anonymous said...

Oooh those galettes look absolutely gorgeous and juicy! You're like my pie/galette idol already, sweetie!

chocolatecup said...

@Z: awwww. you made me blush so hard with your comment that i look like i ate a chilli padi by accident!:P

leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Oh yes, I procrastinate too. But I'm glad you ended up posting this - the galettes look absolutely beautiful!

chocolatecup said...

@leaf: thank you!!:) they are realll delicious too i promise you!

Nathan Michael said...

Looks Delicious!