Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sleepless Night

She staggered into bed.
She staggered out of bed. 
Her vision fades.
Thoughts invade.
The million and one thoughts, all fighting with one aim in mind-to win the war of "her attention" and what a fight! 
Sleep had no chance, it had no might, but oh it fought, and damn did it fight! 
She closed her eyes, she turned to the left.
She opened her eyes and cursed death.
Helplessly she tries, to make out the time,
but darn those myopic eyes, they must as well mime.
The alarm went off, she got on her feet, 
she then arranged her pillows and folded the sheets.
She thought and thought and oh did she think! 
Those million and one thoughts, boy were they were finks!
The wire swayed, 
the girl dismayed. 
What to do now?
How now, brown cow?
She did what she did, what a deed indeed!
She drafted a post, this self-indulgent verbose!


Anonymous said...

nice new look!

chocolatecup said...

awww thank you meiling! havent seen nor talked to you in a (long) bit!!!