Monday, June 29, 2009

Dark, happy,gloomy and shiny

If dreams are where one feels real but knows everything is fake, then is reality where one feels fake but know everything is real? If that is true, then perhaps the next question to ask is, do you feel that everyone and everything around you, about you is unreal? Because that is exactly how I feel nowadays. It is not a good or bad thing, like how dreams are easily categorized into sweet dreams and nightmares but just more of a feeling that I have-feeling unreal. Like how I do not know why is it that my hands can move across the keyboard, or how I am talking to my sister about my brother who is talking about my father who is talking about my other brother...Just so you know, the last thing I need someone to tell me is that you can move your hands because of this nerve and this muscular jerk reaction what-not because science does not explain everything and it can never explain everything, it definitely cannot explain why I am feeling the way I am right now and I pretty much do not want a fancy new "illness" named after this feeling.

If you are lost, please come towards the light (i.e this paragraph) even though I do not promise you that you would get out of those murky waters you were wading in before. In short, besides feeling unreal, I am currently:
1.grappling with the absence of the bf at arts camp(well not really grappling because I usually do not meet him that much anyway, this is just as usual, just that I miss my daily calls)
2.having a cold war with my dad (tlda-too long don't ask)
3.lamenting the fact that it is going to be double tuition a week again
4.I have not decided on my party venue YET and I have not test-trialed any of the party food YET
5.pretty sure i am going to run out of money soon
6.worrying about what to wear to the wedding reception on sunday
7. you know, i do not want to bore you with the rest.

That was a pretty depressing start, so to show that I can actually be happy and shiny. Here's some photos from facebook.

OK. Alot of them.

First up, Wency's 21st

That's me with her present! These:

Strawberry cupcakes! Made using Martha's recipe, modifying by adding a dollop of stawberry puree as filling to make it more strawberry-ish. It is not the best strawberry cupcake and my first strawberry cupcakes, so I would really appreciate recipe recommendations!

My gorgeous friends.

Oh, warning for the below pictures, abit risque! Nah. The provocative ones can be found on weini's and jamie's blogs and fb. It was clearly an 8 Days commercial fail. We could not stop laughing evidently.

Earlier, we were playing heart attack and I got tooo violent I think. So violent that one of the straps of my dress broke and Weini being the domestic goddess stitched it back for me.

Then it was cake cutting!!

Love you Wency!

Then, it was the NAFA meet-up at the most gorgeous condo ever. The pictures do it no justice.

And we met a crazy but very cool ang moh!

Yesterday was Candy's birthday celebration! We had a blast, BG, Weini's bf definitely wins the funniest bf award. HA. You should see the facebook pictures. Anyway, we played some twister,



got pregnant,


and rode a bike.

I did some drawings lately, one today actually. But first, the pancake recipe I drew for Ling:

And my 2nd polaroid ever:

This then is today's "masterpiece"- Zhulaiha's letter!


after. (after my artsy brother's input)

That was one hell of a long post.
But hey, made up for that hiatus didn't I!

Edit: I made a whole bottle of chocolate chip cookies for Candy and I FORGOT to take pictures of them! BOOOOOOO
Edit 2: I cannot wait for Alice.


ARUNA said...

those cupcakes look so tempting and all the pictures r very cute......nice poses and a nice blog!!!

chocolatecup said...

@aruna: thank you! that made my day:)

Slices of Beauty... said...

You got beautiful friends, lovely pics!

Justin said...

well, the cupcakes sure look pretty. what disappointed you about them? looks like fun pics too. that guy in a few pics looks like he's having a really bad time (yeah, right).

chocolatecup said...

@slices of beauty: your blog is one of dreams:)
@Justin: aww. haaa. they were not very strawberry-ish!:( haha. that guy was the weirdest! lol. you seem to be in a pasta frenzy yourself justin!:P

Anonymous said...

wow everyone is so cutessss


by the way, you're looking mighty dazzling in the lookbook image. keep it up. more updates!

chocolatecup said...

@Raph! thankssss. my friends are the bestest! haha. you should post there tooooo:)

Unknown said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! Hard to believe they dissapointed you. Sometimes, I add a little fruit jam on top of my cupcakes before frosing them. Maybe that would add more strawberry flavor? Either way, they were adorable. And so were the rest of your pics :)

chocolatecup said...

@amanda: thank you dear! they were really disappointing! but i made some using another recipe for a pink party and that was delish:)