Friday, June 12, 2009

Vanilla and Lemons

Introducing my baking girls: Manda Panda, Ting
Ting bakes quite often but Manda not so often.
That explains what happened when we made these:

Looks yummy no?
It would have been disastrous if I had not realized I had added the whole bottle of vanilla essence into the mixing bowl.
Thanks to Amanda who read the recipe and asked me to measure out 2 TABLESPOONS of vanilla.Well, there I was thinking that sounds like a hell lot, but there were weird recipes so I did not think too much into it and just measured it out, only to find that I had emptied the whole bottle. So that is when I was like: "Manda, are you sure its 2 tablespoons? We finished the whole bottle!" She looked back at the recipe in her hand and said,"Uh." Ting said," Amy, you look." And I did- it was obviously 2 TEASPOONS.

Anyway, I should have known!! Since I bake all the time. Alas, we corrected by the means of measuring 2 tsp from the pool of vanilla essence mixed with egg yolk and the remaining vanilla essence and egg yolk went south and that was that.

The last time we baked was at my house and we made a tart with pastry cream topped with strawberries:

Heart you girls deep deep:)

I made my first lemon meltaways the day before too! I refrigerated the dough upon realizing that I was to refrigerate it not freeze it so the dough spent a few hours in the freezer. I baked it a bit too long too I think. Ah well.
We all have 'Amanda moments'.

A bit random, but here's Max, Ting's fat fat dog!

In other news, I sat through hours of 'hair-perming' torture with Ting.

Dinner at Basil Alcove was yummyummy (as usual:))


Unknown said...

AMY! the strawberry tart look SO DELISH! I HAVE TO BAKE THAT. can i haf the recepie pretty please??

Justin said...

hmm, yeah, 2 tablespoons would have been a lot for most recipes. a bottle would have been insane. looks yummy.

Rabbittrick said...

Hullo! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, hop on to Daiso! It's rather embarrassing but I always walk about with about 30 dollars worth of stuff (considering everything's 2 bucks)

Love the strawberries! Anything that has lemon in it has my pick for the day =) Very cute.

chocolatecup said...

@alison: haahaha. its from everywhere. tell you next time
@Justin: lol. yesss. it was insane! can i have your shortcake recipe pls?
@Rabbittrick:really? meee too!!! haha. omg and ^5! i love anything that has lemon in it:)