Monday, October 5, 2009

Overdue and fined.

Here's the promised photos from my birthday:

Bet you were expecting a whole mess of pictures but noooo, I am way to lazyyy and that is really convenient.Just to highlight a few things if not already obvious in the photos, I made all the food!! I was mad tired and it was so crazy but I am a happy birthday girl.

If you were wondering about why I had to blow out so many candles on my birthday cupcakes, it is really because my friends all want me to live till 100. No, really, they think I am an old hag that is celebrating her 100th birthday. Ok, seriously,they love me so much that they want my saliva all over the icing. It is really too bad I didnt make a 100 wishes while blowing out all those candles though, because I would have wished for another 100 wishes for each of the 100 wishes, one cannot be too greedy and wish for a million.

I love my friends. No, seriously, I do:)

Then on my birthday itself, or rather the night before, I got smashed like OMFG. Here's one pic of me with Ting that doesnt look toooooo bad. Ting looks gorgeous as usual.

Onwards to Lingyi's party at casual poet.
Theme was bohemian and I am so not a "wild-child" but the party was pretty wild because of the awesomeness of the people at my table. Love you all for playing "happy family" in Chinese!:)

My Table

We must have saw enlightenment.

They made me do it.

My hand-drawn card!
*Reminder to Ling to send me close-up shot pls!

I love my bff <3

At Roy's very short-notice party.

I am supposed to be his MISC friends but the NS camp people were nice enough to let be an honorary member for the minute. HA

Bf and I went to Little India to do our fieldtrip report and I got to eat this yummy thing:

and here is a touristy pic of me!

Was going to update on my dinner at 7atenine but I think this is long enough:)
Plus I am lazy.


Justin said...

it's a bit late, but happy birthday

chocolatecup said...

omg justin. i am really happy you are wishing me now. such a sweetie you:)

Anonymous said...

omg you should have come say hi, i live near little india, i'll make you pasta and soup or other stuff that you like. :) Happy 21st! :) (belated-ly)

chocolatecup said...

hey stellaaa. haha! i didnt know you stay near lil india, we should all meet at the french stall and have some good french food:)