Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who wants to be a tart?

I do not want to be a tart but I do not mind tarting up.
I love tart things and I definitely do like tarts as well!
Tried a little mix and match tarting for my sister's farewell to her colleagues gift.
Whipped up a batch of fruit tart bases, lemon curd and some chocolate filling and Voila!

The ones with the chocolate base is made using the original recipe, just cute-sized:)
Did some meringues too but they did not turn out too pretty so no pictures! (they are all gone anyway so...)
The Bf is getting all 3 by the way.

P.S What kind of tarts do you like?


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetz, been a long while since I dropped by; love the lil plates! I must say that my favourite tart has got to be luscious and sweet peach tart on a smooth custard creme patissiere. yuMMy!

But your photos have now made me crave for chocolate tarts :P

chocolatecup said...

awww. thanks for dropping by, i have not really been baking much or updating much due to school work and my procrastination mainly. haha. my mum is like a huge collector of cute little plates and such. haha. oooooh.
make one of your fav tarts for me:) it sounds soo summery:)

lol.. i am sure you can whip up a fantabulous chocolate tart to satisfy your craving:)

Lynn said...

These look and sound delicious. Do you put lemon curd in the same tartlets as the chocolate filling? That sounds like it would be yummy :) I don't think I've actually ever made tarts, other than a big puff pastry dessert I made once that had fresh strawberries and a strawberry glaze. I'd like to learn how, though.

chocolatecup said...

@Lynn i am sure your grandma probably left a fabulous tart recipe. hmm. i didnt put lemon curd in the choc tart because i was not sure if my sister's colleague would like it but it does sound very delightful! maybe i will try it someday. and strawberry tarts are awesome- simplicity at its best:)

Anonymous said...

this is the first time i'm here why is my name wendy toh?!?! hahah anyway omgzz i was just having a discussion w my friend about how we love tart crust and acty prefer normal egg tart to portugese cos of the crust i realize we're always talking about food. okay bye -wendy TOH

chocolatecup said...

@wendyTOH:LOL.i like 'noraml' egg tarts too compared to port cos i lovelovelove the flaky crust! haha. my mum and i are like crust addicts. when we make quiches, we wil like pinch bits of crust form the quiche and sometimes leave the filling there. haha.horrible i know. we talk about food cos we have good taste!:P

Lori said...

I love these chocolate ones. I love the brown on turqouise. Very pretty.

I did check out Justins shrimp and coconut soup. Thanks for letting me know.

Good luck with all your exams, etc. You will be so glad when it is all done.

chocolatecup said...

@Lori: I know! i cant waiiit for exams to be over!:)

Justin said...

those tarts look so great... they're something i admit i never make at home

chocolatecup said...

@Justin: why do you not make tarts at home? i find myself craving them every time i see a picture of one.ooooh yums:)