Monday, May 3, 2010



I know there is crack down the middle of that snickerdoodle but the other one had two. Well, I know you want to hear the story (or not) but here I go boring you with WHY and other details:

I was on some snickerdoodle making frenzy just before all my deadline (hopefully you got one of them because I think I gave out a gazillion (not really) in school) and not forgetting about ma blog, I reserved like two snickerdoodles to take pictures of. As you know, however, things do not EVER go my way! I asked the bf to hold the box containing these precious snickerdoodles for like a minute so that I could adjust the strap of my bag and he SWUNG the box. There you go. Cr-ac-k. Lovely really.

For people who do not know what snickerdoodles are, like I have explained and tweeted and re-tweeted to the tweeples, they are soft and chewy sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon and sugar! Definitely one of my favourite cookies! They make me craving soft pretzels rolled in cinnamon sugar, cinnamon rolls and basically anything cinnamon-y. Unlike the Triple C though, I can only eat ONE of these because they are swwww-ee-t and I am as you know, not a HUGE fan of very sweet stuff. I am a lemon/tart girl through and through.

I have not found the ULTIMATE snickerdoodle recipe though so if you have any favourites, please please pretty please share them with me!

P.S 2 more final papers to go! I missed my blog and it looked so forlorn without new content that I gave in. See you all soon. I promise you apple pie!

P.S.S I forgot to change the post date and time and goodness me, this post is "late late late" by close to 1.5 months!


Justin said...

i know alice medrich has an amazing recipe... the particular book is out of print, but i think she's putting all of those recipes in a new book. the cookies come our more rounded and puffy. so good.

Anonymous said...

One can never have enough of SNICKERDOODLES! I am in the same shoes. Still yet to find an ultimate recipe....

chocolatecup said...

@Justin: oh wow. what's the name of her new book called? do you have any idea?

@Ellie: haha. i will let you know if i end my search! good luck in yours! i havent ended most of my searches like for choc chip cookie and etcetc! sighhh. haaha