Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Graduation Cookies

First things first. The cookie jar looks like it is wearing graduation robes and a mortarboard no? 

Chuckles aside, as you can guess with my mentioning of mortarboards and graduation robes, many of my friends have officially abandoned me and left me to fend for myself in the institution some may call school but students call hell. Of course, for some the walls encase so much warmth as well love that they ensure everyone knows that their school is their second home by wearing their orientation, faculty T-shirts and over that (because the parts of the school has to be kept cold like the LTs and the libraries so that the warmth and love can be felt more intensely) their pullovers which have the letters "NUS" emblazoned in Harvard font at the front. 


 Chuckles aside yet again, I think in our own ways, our school has been our hell, our sanctuary, our teacher and our friend. By leaving, are we leaving a part of us behind or are we are bringing it away with us because it has already become a part of us? Food for thought eh?

Jam thumprints

Anyway, for the real food (pictures) for thought, these sweet (noun & adjective) jam thumbprints look simply adorable do they not? I was about to give up racking my brains on how to pack these small jewel of a cookie and found some inspiration and a solution from Martha!

Jam thumprints

As for the rest of the packaging, it is less complicated although no less beautiful. I did spend an incredulous amount of time at the shop though deciding which ribbons I should buy because I really just wanted to buy the whole aisle. I eventually (very hesitantly) put back the armful rolls of ribbon which I hoarded and settled for some greys, whites, yellows, purple and blues.


For my favourite pairing, I absolutely loved the combination of the midnight blue satin ribbon with the white-bluestriped! I think the combination fun and classic and it was just right for the snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies! Besides, they do remind a bit of the blue ribbon tags they give out to 1st place cookies in baking fairs in America. Oh, and I know you must be thinking, snickerdoodles again?! But how could I not?! They are so irresistibly delicious!

I of course saved the best for last! Kidding. I love all my cookies equally. Not! Chocolate chip cookies still hold the number one place in my heart but these citrus sables provide some stiff competition! I have made these citrus sables for more than a few times but they never fail to fill my afternoons with citrus goodness! They are really afternoon cookies because they are perfect with that cup of tea. But of course, you would not be breaking any rules if you indulge them for your midnight snacking and morning breakfasting!

Citrus Sables

I know this post is about 3 months apart from my previous one but forgive me for I have a very good reason that can be summed up in one word: SUMMER! /VACATION! It is back to school again tomorrow and I am totally acting like a bad ex, desperately clinging on to the coat tails of Mr holidays. But I know I will have to let go eventually and embrace the Vampire of Doom, Duke Readings Test Presentations-Exams. So, wish me luck in not getting my life sucked out of me too badly.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful packaging! Wish I were on the receiving end! You reckon your prettily-packaged cookies can be mailed over to a lil corner in CCK? :P

chocolatecup said...

@ovenhaven: awwww! thanks love!! i would definitely do it but i am not sure if the cookies can withstand the "man-handling"

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

Love the cookie jar with the graduation hat. Too cute! Great job on all these lovely cookies :).

chocolatecup said...

@xiaolu: awww! thanksss for thinking them cute! :)

naomi said...

These look so cute the way you packaged them! Very clever and adorable. The cookies look delectable as well.

chocolatecup said...

@Naomi: Thank you!They were yummy!!