Monday, September 27, 2010


That is where I have been.
That is what I have been doing.
That is what I will be doing.

Sorry to start off on such a sombre tone but believe me it is anything but. Ok. Maybe it is kind of semi-melancholic. I mean, to be lost in a forest of readings, essays, presentation and deadlines? Sad. To have my friends leave me to fly to Melbourne, Nagoya, Christchurch? Lonely. To find out the bf is almost for definite going on exchange next year? :(((

So yes, my life is dreary and rather gloomy at the moment. Missing my friends and going to miss you? It certainly does not help when my oven decides to be cranky and I have to give up baking which was my provider of solace. Sigh.

Oh well, moving on like how we have to move on in life, to make up for my absence and for those who are missing summer, here is some (blackberry-blueberry) pie!

Is it not gorgeous?! 
The beautiful buttery crust, the cute little pastry star cut-outs and the thick berry-full filling? 
Tell me, how can I not be in love with it?

Slice of Blackberry-blueberry pie 
Although I swear I am truly and madly a pie fan (like how if you say pie and I say aye!), I hardly make pies. Even if I do, I usually just stick to making the good ole apple pie. But,what? Whyyyy? 

A couple of reasons really but besides the fact that good berries at a good price, or rather good berries are scarce here, making pie dough is scary

Oh sure, there are fool-proof recipes and pie tips are aplenty but tell me, even as you take out your 'followed to the tee' pie dough from the fridge, you are crossing your fingers that it will roll out properly. Your hands shake as you attempt to mimic the professional looking folds in the recipe picture and your crimping skills more often than not fail you. Then, you agonize and pace around (in your head) and hope it will bake beautifully in the oven. Your heart palpitates just a little faster than usual as you cut out a slice hoping it would not crumble in front of your eyes. As you sink your fork into the slice of pie, you wish desperately that the fork would not get stuck in a soggy bottom. You then worry about whether the pie crust tastes as good as it looks as you savour the intermingling of flavours in your mouth. The emotional roller-coaster ride ends either with you heaving a sigh of relief (literally) and filling your mouth full of that darn good piece of pie or with you stuffing your mouth full of your soggy,crumbled, no-good pie to drown your baking sorrows.

Of course, it ain't as dramatic as that or maybe it is but the bottomline is: making pie dough is scary! You have just read a paragraph of baking anxiety so maybe we should all keep calm and have (a look at) some pie!

Blackberry-Blueberry Pie with star cut-outs

Are you abit calmer now? I am. I think staring at stars calms me. Even if they are just pastry cut-outs. Haha. For the better remedy, I suggest eating this baby! I mean pies are comfort food!

So you have had your slice and peace is made between you and me, what is there left to do except to have more pie? Go! Make some pie even though it is scary. (What is life without some challenge?) Go! Make some pie even if you do not have berries. (There is always apple, steak, custard and cream!) Go! Make some pie and you will find that the world seems a bit better, your future looks a bit brighter and you will be a bit happier( like I am now! Hehe).

Some pie notes:
I made this gorgeous pie following her recipe. Fantastic lady! Check out her cute baking videos.
I have to say in all honesty though that I think the crust was flaky and lovely and all that but I still prefer the pie crust in the recipe I used for my apple pie.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling all there, sweetie *hugs* But hey, at the very least you've got some awesome pie to comfort you!

chocolatecup said...

@ovenhaven thanks lovee! we love our comfort food don't we? :)

Emily said...

what camera do you use? Your pictures look great! :)

chocolatecup said...

hey emily! thank you for thinking my pictures lovely! i am using the Canon EOS 500D:)

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

Stunning color! This looks so juicy delish. Btw, happy anniversary too!

chocolatecup said...

@Xiaolu thanks so much!:) i thought it pretty too!:)