Saturday, January 24, 2009


I kind of realized the prev post was not too cny-ish and so I decided to do a small post abt CNY preparations!
Basically 3 things to do:


OBVS not done by me.

*Daddy has a head full of white hair =/ At least he is not balding:P


*Um. ignore my jeans

3.Face stuffing

All of these are what is going to make me super duper fat. Starting from the left: Those tube like things are deep-fried crispy spring roll things with sia mi (spicy dried shrimp) or ba hu(pork floss).The leaf shaped thing is a covered pineapple tart made by Wayne's (bf) mum. Those flat rectangle things next to it are seaweed crisps. The first two balls are some ba hu cookies (cookies with pork floss) and the 3rd ball is a sugee cookies (milk and ghee cookies). The chocolate thing is some cookie with a chocolate layer topped with mini hearts fondant. The rose-shaped thing is a covered pineapple tart made by mum. The leaf-shaped thing with icing sugar on top is this cookie with a peanut filling inside and next to it is an 'open' pineapple tart, both bought from my tuition's kid's mum. And the long cigar thing is a chocolate filled cream wafer!The picture below is an almond cookie. I missed it out when i took the 'cny goodies family portrait' and also an excuse to show you my pretty nails! (again)
These are the most amazing cream wafers ever!
Only tried the choc one so far though!

NO MORE EATING!*Thanks to Char for taking such a nice pic:)

Yes. I believe this is more cny-ish. will update with a cny post if i look gd in the pictures. HAHA

Happy Chinese New Year again!:)


astrowish said...

indeed.. i'm jealous. lolx

chocolatecup said...

haaaaaa.yays! but i do wish i could attend those musicals and broadways and oh god shopping! :P HAPPY CNY AARON!