Monday, January 5, 2009


Its sunday today. (Well technically it is monday now)
That means its boyfriend day.
Starting from today which is the first sunday of 2009, Sundays will be get-a-baked-treat-day for the boyfriend.
GAT for short.
This week its Buttery Jam Cookies!

To be honest, making these were not very easy and i did not really the taste of it very much so i definitely would not be making these again.
He liked it though, which is good.

P.S School is starting next week. S.i.g.h


weini said...

awwww sho shweeet! i wish i have a oven tooo :(

let's meet this thurs darling! can you make it? :)

chocolatecup said...

haaa. get someone to get you one for your 21st:P