Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Seems like the only time i update is when i update about my GATs nowadays!

I made Chicken Rice Casserole! The next time if i do make this, it will be served with a salad of some kind with either EVOO or lemon-honey dressing. It tastes pretty much like a Chicken rice+risotto.

I forgot like an idiot that my bf is not a fan of risotto and so he did not really enjoy his treat that much :(

My family did like it though and this:

Brother 1: Who is she packing the rice for?
Brother 2 rolls his eyes and mutters OMG under his breath.
Mum: Ni hai yao wen? ta zhu dong xi, shen sia de cai gei wo men chi lor.
(Isn't it obvious? AND. When she cooks, we only get to eat if there are leftovers!)
Dad: Hai yao gei ren? zhi ji chi dou bu gou le hai yao gei ren??
(What? She still wants to give it to other poeple when we do not have enough to eat?!)
Me: There's still like half a pot left, DAD.
Brother 1: He has his own tupperware?!
Me: No.Two.

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