Friday, January 2, 2009

No Title

I was ransacking my head for a nice name for my first post of 2009 and i really could not think of any that does not sound cheesy or trite so what better name than no name?

Even though its the new year, due to my laziness plus "out-of-towness", this post would be sooooo last yearr!

1. Brownies!
Again. I made lots in the last weeks of 08. Special delivery to JT at the airport. That boy is in love with these mint brownies. So is Pete and the bf of course. Just one picture.

2. Christmas Eve and Christmas

In the spirit of gift exchanges, i did a few exchanges:

(a)the usual PRETTY fake snow FOR nomnom seafood with the bf and his family
(b) midnight make-out session FOR crazy stepping, amazing singing (Ting) World Tour session
(c) Movie marathon with popcorn and hot cocoa FOR crazy party with lotsa booze and drama with the bf and his army friends

3. KL

To summarize: Cabbing everywhere, Anna Karenina & The Faraway Tree collection, ESPN (Liverpool's 5-1 +others), Negara Zoo, "Little India", Petaling Street of Fakes, Parliament House, San Ya Temple, COSMO WORLD, Berjaya Times Square-heaven mall for ALs and ABs, witness to suicide jump, Bintang Walk and The Pavillon (ALMOST), then there is the wanting of the unaffordable CK watch and leather bag. And of course, FOOD: Sucky Stopover food on long bus trips,Lots of Auntie Anne's, San Francisco steak, Kenny Rogers, Baskin Robbins, Soyabean drink and beancurd at Petaling St, Some Hong Kong cafe, crispy duck noodles, Maggi Mee, Hagen Daaz,Hotel Breakfasts at 9am, ok shall stop.

4. Yes, finally NYE and 09 day 1!


07: Movie marathon with microwave popcorn with Weini
08: "Mardi Gras" Theme dinner and countdown party at Raffles Country Club with the bf and his family *for extra details, call 82******( my number OBVS)


o7: Cousin's Birthday Celebration at Grandma's
08: Cousin's Birthday Celebration at Grandma's

As much as i would like to say let us embrace all the changes that will be coming our way as the old year gives way to the new, I like this phrase more: "Some things never change." :)

Happy 09!

P.S Do people have a preference for an odd or even-numbered year?

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