Monday, June 1, 2009

Appy Cuppy

Lots of cupcake porn!

Made apple cupcakes/appy cuppies today.
Do not ask me.
I cannot remember.
I cannot remember when I started to "baby-fy" words like that.
It probably is the hung-over-ed effect of baby talk with the bf.

Nude Shot 1

Nude shot 2 with some leftover apple filling.

Nude shot 3

Leftover apple fillings

X-ray shot 1

X-ray shot 2

Fashion shot -Look 1

Fashion Shot - Look 2

Fashion shot- Look 3

Fashion Group shot 1

Fashion group shot 2

Yum yum.


Sylvia said...

Apple cupcakes??!!! ....Yummy

chocolatecup said...

@slvia: they were yummy:):):)

Zabird said...

AH!!!! Cupcakes! Missed a feast!

chocolatecup said...

@liz: too bad you live soooooo far away!!

Justin said...

these are super cute, and I love any food with a surprise inside.

Alison said...

ahhh looks so delish!
Whens ur next baking session!
i will come i will come!
i wana learn baking from u!

lyi said...

omg these look so good!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! where did you get the white cover for the cupcakes? thanks!!


chocolatecup said...

@Justin: yess! so do i! i usually just fill my cupcakes but my mum wanted me to try this cos we had a bunch of apples in the fridge hence appy cuppies were 'born':)
@Alison: haha.crazy! its not really a class! elaine just makes me seem sooo li hai but i am not really but you already know how to cook/bake right?:P
@LYI: i wanted to pass you some!!haaa. but you live at like XXXX. actually, the recipe didnt have the cream cheese frosting but i thought awww, they look sooo naked. honestly, i think i prefer it w/o the icing.
@cheryl: i got it at phoon huat! surprise surprise!lol

Julia said...

Very cute. I love you fashion shots.

Marta said...

Ohhh beyond cute!!! I want to get my hands on some of those tiny remikins, I just can't find them! I love the heart candy, very cute touch!

Anonymous said...

Apple cupcake...yum! Must try.. must try...

chocolatecup said...

@julia: thank you! it was a pretty short but lovely fashion show:P

@Marta: oh! they are paper cups not real porcelain mini ramekins:P

@Ellie: yessss. please try them out:)It was really lovely! you dont even need frosting actually:)

Cleaning your toilet cleanses your soul said...

the photography is great! either that or your walls are nice/tables haha.
and the appycuppies look fiiiiiine :)

chocolatecup said...

@bryan: awww. thanks! haha. my walls werent featured for your info! must be the plain white porcelain plates and tablecloth!! haha. your aunt looks sooooo much more pro!:)

Anonymous said...

remind me to ask you to be my wife later on down the line. just sayin' ;D

chocolatecup said...

@raph: awwwww.i WILL totally remind you!:P but perhaps you should marry piere herme. Just sayin' :P

Dimah said...

These are so pretty and look so yummy!

chocolatecup said...

@Dimah: awww. thanks:)